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Functional Blood
Chemistry Tool

Have you been told your labs look normal?

BUT you feel anything but normal. 

The Functional Blood Chemistry analysis is a holistic approach to interpreting blood test results by considering the interconnections between various biomarkers and their impact on overall health. It goes beyond the conventional reference ranges and focuses on optimal ranges for each marker to identify potential imbalances or dysfunctions in the body.

The lab ranges you see on your labwork from your doctor is an average of what's common among 100 random people. Functional medicine gets their ranges from 100 people with optimal health, allowing for you to see healing opportunities. 

The Functional Chemistry Analysis is easy to use. All you do is plug in your numbers and the tool does the rest for you....even color coding the high and low markers so you have a bird's eye view into areas that could use some support. 

Markers evaluated:

 Comprehensive Metabilic Panel (CMP)

Lipid Panel

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Iron Panel

Thyroid Panel

Additional markers such as Vitamin D, B12, Magnesium, Histamine, and more

This tool values at $69!!


If my labs look normal, why do I feel terrible?

HTMA Package

What's an HTMA (Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis) and why is it important??

It's a functional lab showing your mineral status over the last 3 months

The HTMA shows your mineral ratios, heavy metal load, and metabolic type allowing for a diet tailored to YOU

These mineral ratios give insight into several bodily functions: thyroid health, blood sugar, adrenals, digestion, stress levels, toxin load, hormones, and more!

The HTMA PAckage Includes

  A detailed symptom checklist and health background information

HTMA shipped to your house which includes detailed directions on how to conduct the test

45 minute consultation with Leslie

​​Individualized written protocol with food choices, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations

20% off practitioner grade supplements through Fullscript

1:1 Consultations

I work with clients to help them uncover hidden stress by using functional labs. Listed below are some of the labs offered. This list by no means is exhaustive, but more of the most popular ones purchased, such as OAT (Organic Acid Test), DUTCH (assesses sex and adrenal hormones), HTMA (Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis), GI MAP (stool test), functional blood chemistry (looking at your bloodwork through a functional lens), MyMyco Lab to look at mycotoxin exposure, and so many more.
One to one consultations generally consist of packages of consultations to help uncover the root cause of your symptoms while learning about essential lifestyle changes. This looks different for everyone so book a call HERE to schedule a FREE consultation to see if this aaproach is right for you. If you don't see anything that fits your schedule, please send an email HERE and we will work something out. I even work with entire families using the Whole Family Detox Program. 


Mold exposure and colonization 
Detoxification capabilites
Hormone imbalances
HPA Axis Dysfunction (Adrenal fatigue)

Mineral and heavy metal status
Mitochondrial function
Candida, gut pathogens, and dysbiois (Leaky gut)
Micronutrients (minerals, vitamins)
Food Sensitivities, and more


Our 12-week coaching program is designed to help parents who are struggling with chronic fatigue and brain fog. Our program is tailored to help you heal and regain your energy so you can live a fulfilling life with your family. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the process and provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals. Join us today and take the first step towards a healthier and happier life.

Happy Family

You are a parent who wants to have the energy to connect with their kids and partner. 

But you may be feeling......

More exhausted, unhappy, and stuck

You don't have the energy to do the things you want to do or even the motivation to get out of bed some days.

Time with your family or loved ones seems to drain you more, making you feel worse emotionally

Guilt and shame for not being the parent or partner you want, and know you can be

Little to no motivation

That you cannot think clearly, often forget words, or have a short attention span

Not like yourself. You no longer recognize yourself

What if.....

You could discover the root cause to your chronic fatigue and brain fog 

You could look in the mirror and recognize and love yourself

You could be the parent and partner you know, and want to be

You could stop planning your life around your energy levels

You could stop the shame guilt, anxiety, pain, forgetfulness, and other symptoms

You could learn tools to self treat and be in control of your health and wellness

Discover natural ways to manage your health without the need for medication. Say goodbye to side effects and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones.

What's Included


The Fatigue Recovery System is 11 learning modules, plus 3 bonus modules. The entire program is audio since we are all busy people with limited time to sit in front of a computer. Following each module there are action tasks associated with it to foster lifestyle changes as you progress through the program. Module topics included are diet changes, hydration, opening drainage pathways to remove toxins, stress management, brain retraining as well as how to take care of your nervous system, movement, sleep, supplements, and bonus modules on toxins, specifically mold. 

Weekly Group Coaching

Weekly we meet as a group over Zoom to discuss program progress, questions, concerns, and to seek guidance. All group coaching calls are recorded and archived. 

Includes HTMA & 1:1 Consult

The HTMA is a great tool to asses mineral status (the sparkplugs of life) and heavy metal exposure. This lab is included in the FRS as well as a 45 minute 1:1 consult with me to go over the results! Also included in an individualized written protocol with food choices, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

Community Support

When I was at my sickest, I was lonely. I didn't have anyone that understood how tired I really was. Having a commmunity would have changed that for me so I made sure to incorporate this into the Fatigue Recovery System through a private Facebook group.

Lifetime Access

Once you have signed up you will never lose access to the audio portion of the program. We are constantly working to improve the information provided and want you to have lifetime access to it.  

These services are tailored to each person so please book a call to discover what is right for YOU!

OAT Package

This package includes an hour consultation with Leslie and the Organic Acids Test (OAT) by Mosaic Dx which is an urine test conducted in the comfort of your home. This is a functional lab looking for healing opportunities in the areas of fungal overgrowth, oxalates, nutritional deficiencies, detoxificant, neurotransmitters, clostridia and c. diff, amino acids, mitochondrial function, and more.

It can help identify healing opportunites in the following:

• Mental and Behavioral Disorders: Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, etc. • Chronic fatigue • Brain Fog • Digestive issues • Nutrient deficiencies • Autoimmune Disorders • Metabolic Disorders: Diabetes or Insulin resistance • Mold • Neurological Disorders: Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Seizures • Obesity • Fibromyalgia • Optimizing health • Tick-Borne Infections: Lyme, Bartonella, etc. • Skin Conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne

This package includes:

  • A detailed symptom checklist and background information

  • Organic Acid Test (OAT) drop shipped to your home

  • 90 minute consultation with Leslie Owens

  • Individualized written protocol with food choices, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations

  • 20% off practitioner grade supplements

Mold Uncovered: Unlocking the Missing Piece to Your Health Puzzle Course

This is a video course that covers:

Lesson 1: Mold, Mycotoxins, and Symptoms

Lesson 2: Why Doesn't Everyone Get Sick In Mold?

Lesson 3: Testing Your Home

Lesson 4: Testing Your Body

Lesson 5: What If I See Mold Or Can't Get Out?

Lesson 6: Regulating Your Nervous System & Why It's Important?

This course is valued at $147

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Mold Uncovered Monthly Membership

This monthly membership includes a Facebook community of support with like minded people where there are questions and answers and open discussion. It also includes weekly group coaching (which is the best part)!

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ERMI Interpretation

This is a 30 minute ERMI interpretation with Leslie Owens. An ERMI (Enviromental Relative Moldiness Index) is a dust test you can do yourself that measures the mold spores in your dust since this is where mold hangs out.  You can purchase the ERMI HERE and then book an interpretation call with me! Here are the guidelines on how to conduct the ERMI.

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