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What to expect from me

I will guide and educate you on how to address hidden stressors that may be keeping you unhealthy and not feeling well. The goal is to find hidden stressors using functional labs, questionnaires, and consultations to educate you so you will no longer need me because you will have all the tools you need to maintain health and wellness.

What I expect from you

Commitment and a willingness to make lifestyle changes (if needed): diet, exercise, sleep habits, and modifying stressors to gain and maintain optimal health.

Patience. You did not get ill overnight so it will take as long to get healthy as it did to get unhealthy. Celebrating small victories is crucial for tracking progress and success.



Book a  FREE, no obligation 45 minute fatigue evaluation consult (first time clients only) where I will explore your health complaints, discuss healing opportunities, and map out a plan to help you reach your optimal health. Once the form is received I will respond via email in 24-48 hours to schedule.

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon!


Charlotte, North Carolina

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